Dedicated Turnkey Engagement

Tally.ERP 9 is not just an Accounting or Book Keeping Software, but is a tool for entire business processes, which includes Men, Material and Money.

NNSPL practices a complete methodology to implement Tally.ERP 9 in 12 steps. NNSPL makes this happen while customers start their operations from Day one of installing Tally.ERP 9, thus there is no waiting for normal and necessary business operations for years (we at NNSPL call it "for Ages"). NNSPL's Turnkey Implementation happens simultaneously.

  • > Understanding and Planning Business Processes
  • > Process Design
  • > Configuration
  • > GAP analysis
  • > Solution designing for GAP
  • > Customisation development of GAP
  • > Testing
  • > Training
  • > Data Creation
  • > Pilot Deployment
  • > User Acceptance
  • > Live Deployment

NNSPL's Dedicated Turnkey Engagement is handled by a Dedicated Project Co-ordinator who handles one engagement at a time. NNSPL will makes sure that.

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