Tally For Textile

Our Module serves all segment of Textile Businesses as mentioned below.

  • > Textile Traders
  • > Textile Retailers (Including Garment Retailers)
  • > Textile Manufacturers (Yarn to Grey Cloth) with Loom Wise Production and inventory.
  • > Textile Manufacturers (Grey Cloth to Finished Product) with Process House Wise Inventory.
  • > Textile Adad Firms.
  • > Textile Brokers.
  • > Textile process houses (mills)

We are providing this module to businesses with a very affordable prices. Our Module is Self-Implementable with our comprehensive User Manual, No Human Intervention required)

India's textiles sector is one of the oldest industries in Indian economy dating back several centuries. Even today, textiles sector is one of the largest contributors to India's exports with approximately 15 per cent of total exports. The textiles industry is also labour intensive and is one of the largest employers.

The Indian Textile industry has two broad segments.

⇥ First, the unorganised sector consists of handloom, handicrafts and sericulture, which are operated on a small scale and through traditional tools and methods.

⇥ The second is the organised sector consisting of spinning, apparel and garments segment which apply modern machinery and techniques such as economies of scale.

Textile Industry has brought under GST ambit from 1st July 2017 in India. This has made GST Ready Software a must-have tool for all Textile businesses.

Since Tally.ERP 9 is the leading GST ready product available in Indian market with its path breaking power of simplicity. Most of the Textile business have chosen or will choose Tally.ERP 9 as its prime business management tool.

We are being expert for Providing Business Specific Solutions on Tally.ERP 9 platform/framework, have developed a comprehensive Module to cater all Textile businesses who are using or planning to use Tally.ERP 9 as their only Business Management Tool which serve their need of Accounting, Inventory, Statutory Compliance with GST readiness.

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